"I went from having no hope to feeling great, it was a miracle."


The Psychiatric Care Center understands that mental stabilization is an ongoing process and clients need additional support beyond 10 weeks of intensive outpatient treatment. The PCC staff is dedicated to providing wrap-around care in conjunction with medication management through our parent office, Thomas J. Andrews, MD, Inc., as well has treating patients who are not seeking medication management. By offering individualized therapy services in conjunction with intensive outpatient treatment and/or medication management treatment, the client gains additional support to build a healthier lifestyle and expand on day-to-day functioning with developed coping skills. Our providers work primarily with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to explore thought processes and behaviors, modifying dysfunctional emotions, behaviors and thoughts, while changing destructive patterns of behavior. Providers also work with solution focused, mindfulness, strength based, problem solving and behavioral therapies.

Therapy services include individual, couples and family sessions and can focus on a range of life events and struggles, including grief and loss, depression and anxiety, stress management, work and career issues, and conflict resolution.

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Chemical Dependency Individual Therapy (CDIT) is designed to provide patients with individualized treatment for chemical dependency who are unable to commit to the CDIOP 10 week program due to financial or work reasons.  The patient focuses on the physical, psychological, spiritual and social features of addiction. Topics addressed include:

  • Disease of Addiction and Symptom Management
  • Defense Mechanisms
  • Depression, Anxiety and Panic
  • Understanding Anger & Conflict Resolution
  • Communication and Assertiveness Training
  • Grief & Loss
  • Stress Management
  • Self-discipline, Self-esteem and Self-care
  • Co-dependency
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Family Dynamics

Individual counseling sessions are held weekly or bi-weekly for 1 hour (60 min). This allows the patient to continue to work, attend school or tend to other responsibilities during the day while addressing addiction problems, triggers, their recovery and maintaining sobriety. These services are under the direct supervision of a psychiatrist.  The multidisciplinary team consists of an addiction specialist and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Highly skilled professionals provide a structured drug free environment that promotes recovery and growth. The goal of CDIT is to help the patient develop a foundation for healthy living and recovery. The individual builds skills, behaviors and strategies that will promote a life of sobriety and autonomy.



Patients under medical treatment for Suboxone within the office of Thomas J. Andrews, MD, INC. are required to participate in individual substance abuse counseling or intensive outpatient treatment. If patients opt to participate in individual counseling the protocol is to attend counseling sessions as follows:

  • 1 session per week for first 3 months of Suboxone treatment
  • Every 2 week sessions after the first 3 months for a minimum of 6 months of treatment